WiSpring delivers high-speed Internet access to homes and businesses in Berkshire County, including many customers
the cable and phone companies left behind. Finally, high-speed Internet service for the rest of us!
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Wispring technology is
-up to 70 x faster than dialup
-up to 4 x faster than Satellite,
in any kind of weather.*

Our fixed wireless broadband network uses radio signals between our towers and small equipment installed at your location.

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* See comparison.

For Your Home Are you beyond the reach of cable or DSL?

Tired of interruptions in your satellite service?

WiSpring offers reliable high-speed Internet service for your home or home office.

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For Your Business Learn more about WiSpring's extremely fast broadband solutions for small and large businesses.

We can also customize a package to meet your needs.

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Broadband for your home or business.

Up to 70 times faster than dial-up*.

Up to 4 times faster than satellite*.

Local company, local connection.